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Natura Artis Magistra – Nature is Teacher of the Art

The quality of specific plastics used in artificial grass varies across the world. All our artificial products are made using C6 materials – a linear low density polyethylene which uses Hexene as a binding material. It’s been proven that Chinese manufacturers have been using C4 materials which could be recycled polyethylene with lower material quality and UV stabilisers – often used to reduce costs.

 The advantages of C6 against C4 are:

  • Higher tensile strength which gives you a lower tendency to fibrillation/split.
  • Lower elongation at break which gives you a higher elastic recovery.
  • Less sensitive to high temperature.
  • Softer and more UV stable.

 All our products have been designed with a special yarn profile to improve the resilience of the fibres.

 We don’t compromise the quality of our products for cheaper alternatives often used abroad, for example our yarn is 100% free of heavy metals, which is not the case with Chinese products.

 Our yarn also has the maximum amount of UV stabilisator (10.000 ppm), whilst Chinese products have a maximum of 3.000 ppm and even some European companies 5.000-6.000 ppm

100% Non-Toxic and Pet friendly

Our Product Range


Sway 25mm


Application: Residential, Terraces, Commercial Properties and Exhibitions
Fibres: 70% Polyethylene/30% Polypropylene/UV-Stabilized
Diamond Shape
Grass Weight: ca. 1149 gr/sqm
Height: 25mm
Warranty: 10 Years
Guarantee: 5 Years
Colour: Dark Green

Savannah 30mm


Application: Residential, Terraces, Trade Fairs, Hotels
Fibres: 65% Polyethylene/35% Polypropylene/UV-Stabilized/Dual C Shape Straight/Curled
Grass Weight: ca.1084gr/sqm
Height: 30mm
Warranty: 10 years
Guarantee: 5 Years
Colour: Green

Downton 35mm


Application: Gardens, Terraces, Commercial Properties and Exhibitions
Fibres: 75% Polyethylene/25% Polypropylene/UV-Stabilized
Nerved ellipse shape
Grass Weight: ca. 1707gr/sqm
Height: 35mm
Warranty: 10 Years
Guarantee: 5 Years
Colour: Dark Green

Play 16mm


Application: Multisports, Leisure
Fibres: 100% Polypropylene/UV-Stabilized/Fibrilated
Grass Weight: ca.1145gr/sqm
Height: 16mm
Warranty: 10 Year
Guarantee: 5 Year
Colour: Green, Yellow, Blue, Terracotta and White

CoPlay 10mm


Application: Multisports, Leisure
Fibres: 100% Polyethylene/UV-Stabilized
Grass Weight: ca. 1025gr/sqm
Height: 10mm
Warranty: 10 Years
Guarantee: 5 Years
Colour: Green, Dark Green, Terracotta Red, Ferrari Red, Violet, Blue



  • You can clean the grass with a flexible rake or leaf-blower
  • Regular brushing with a soft, nylon-bristle broom will keep the fake grass clean and upright (Avoid steel brushes!)
  • Never use solvents! Washing artificial grass with water (cold or warm) is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills please refer to the manufacturer.
  • To remove environmental spills – dirt, dust, bird dropping, pet stains – and other water-based spills – treat as you would normal grass.
  • Leaves and rough dirt: Simply brush, or hose, them away.
  • Fine dirt: Water away fine dirt, but be wary of removing too much infill material. On smaller indoor installations please vacuum up fine dirt.
  • Solids (e.g. chewing gum, pet faeces): Carefully scoop the solids up off the artificial grass.
  • Spilt drinks: Wash away with water.
  • Burning materials (e.g. cigarette, braai coals): Remove as soon as possible but there may still be turf discolouration. Burn marks can be professionally repaired, please refer these queries to your installer.
  • Flatness: Simply brush the grass fibre upright. A more regular brush ensures fibres may stay upright especially on high traffic areas.


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